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THE KARATE EXPERIENCE - Breaking Through Barriers


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Are you looking for your management team to experience a dynamic breakthrough in a proven team-building program? Meet Grandmaster Jessie Bowen, 10th-degree black belt, corporate educator, motivational speaker, certified license success coach, master Sports hypnosis coach, author of over 15 personal development books and audio programs. His program the "Karate Experience Breaking Through Barriers" is a perfect motivational program for team-building, chosen as the perfect closing for corporate training and motivational team building. This intense, emotional, and climactic team-building experience is the perfect takeaway for any team-building event.


Jessie has been a business owner for over 38 years, 27 years as a Duke University physical education instructional team member, where he has influenced thousands of students' lives in mind-body training. His uniqueness is blending martial arts principles, mentally and physically, to help athletes maximize their potential. He is a former Sports Performance coach for the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina football team, North Carolina Central University women's bowling team, and Belmont Abbey women's and men's bowling team. 


Jessie's program, the "Karate Experience Breaking Through Barriers" is designed to incorporate your message and delivered in a physical manner that helps participants learn to see beyond limitations while building a positive expectation of personal success and achieving any goals. The program challenges individuals and teams to the next level of performance while eliminating doubt and replacing it with excitement and an "I can attitude" while bringing clarity to individual and team goals. The process helps participants recognize what they must believe in overcoming obstacles that inhibit stellar performance so they can achieve new levels of success.


Jesse's list of clients includes American Express, Coca-Cola, Swiss Re, Switzerland, Nike, BBA Aviation, Baker Hughes, Chevron, Ingersol Rand, Raytheon, BASF, Nike, and others.

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